There is no better way to improve your interpersonal skills, become a better communicator, learn how to run meetings effectively, enhance your organisational and committee skills, improve your business presentations and gain confidence, than by joining Rostrum.

How do I actually learn public speaking?

The way to gain confidence and learn the skills of speaking to groups of people is through practice with expert feedback. In a Rostrum Speaking Club this is done in a supportive and fun environment in a group of like minded people. Members develop their skill and gain confidence by accepting the challenge to take part in the various exercises. At the end of each meeting each person who spoke receives positive and constructive feedback from a person who is trained in the skills of analysis and evaluation. It is from this feedback that you will really hone your skills.

What happens at a Rostrum meeting?

Each meeting is chaired by a different, experienced club member. A range of speaking exercises are rostered with a notice period of around two weeks. Rostrum clubs vary in the program they offer but they all follow a general pattern. There are usually some prepared speeches of varying durations on a set topic as well as other speaking exercises such as asking a pertinent question, reading aloud, situational speeches, moving a motion in a meeting, responding to questions, and many other exercises. Some clubs have the same exercises at each meeting and other clubs change the program weekly.

What development programs does Rostrum have?

There are three: the Launchpad, Orbit and Galactic - which is part of the Frontiers Program. When new members join they are automatically enrolled. Although this program is self paced (as are all the programs), most people will want to be rostered into an exercise after two or three meetings. This is when improvements really start to happen!

Is Rostrum a speaking club just for people learning public speaking?

No, Rostrum has some professional public speakers in its membership who use the forum to improve their skills. Most Rostrum clubs have a mix of new and experienced members from a variety of occupations. There is no extreme of nervousness that we can't help as well as no level of experience that Rostrum can't further improve. In every meeting you can expect prepared speeches, impromptu speaking or chairmanship to keep you on your toes. Rostrum is also a great fun social forum and there is opportunity to mix with other clubs in Perth.

What does Rostrum cost?

Rostrum is a non-profit organisation so the fees are very low compared to commercial organisations. The annual subscription fee is $150 with no automatically recurring payments. There is also an initial joining fee of $100 which covers your enrollment in the Personal Development Program (PDP) course and a starter kit including reference material, wallet, certificate and badge.

Outstanding value for expert public speaking tuition.


** Joining fee and subscription period subject to change for more infromation please see the following link https://rostrumclubsofwa.wildapricot.org/join

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