Rostrum has a 3 tiered learning program that is self paced. Most people take 8-12 months to complete each module however rapid progression (6 months) through.

Tier 1 can be arranged as part of a fast track training course. In addition to the structured speaking program there are short course (Speak Up Speak Out), general learning workshops, training worshops and mentoring available. Each tier is more demanding than the previous and after satifactorily completing each one, a frameable signed certificate is awarded. 

Personal Development Program (PDP) – this learning course is especially geared for those new to public speaking. It is also a great refresher for those that have had some exposure and wish to polish their skills. Progression through this course is done by completing each of the exercises and obtaining expert feedback from accredited coaches.

Tier 2. Intermediate Development Program (IDP) – suitable for relatively experienced public speakers. These exercises are more demanding than the PDP and requires sign off that the required standard has been met. On completion of the IDP a member can consider themselves an accomplished speaker. This module takes 12 months to complete satisfactorily.

Tier 3. Advanced Development Program (ADP) – this module is designed for experienced speakers. On completion of the ADP the speaker will be qualified to coach/mentor new speakers, write a speech for someone else, lead large meetings, achieve advanced speaking skills and to formally provide constructive feedback for all speakers. Completion of this module must be done to the satisfaction of senior Rostrum members.

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