Unleash your potential

🎙️ Elevate Your Voice! Joining us at Rostrum Foothills Public Speaking Club. is not just an opportunity; it's a transformative journey that leads to self-discovery and empowerment. In a supportive and encouraging environment, you'll learn the art of effective communication, hone your presentation skills, and conquer the fear of public speaking.

🌟 Unleash your potential as you engage with like-minded individuals, share your ideas, and receive constructive feedback. Public speaking clubs are not just about conquering stages; they're about building confidence, enhancing leadership skills, and expanding your network. 🚀 Whether you're a seasoned speaker or someone just stepping onto the stage, the camaraderie and growth you'll experience are unparalleled. Embrace the power of your voice, join our club, and embark on a journey of personal and professional development. 💬👥 #SpeakConfidently #PublicSpeakingJourney #EmpowerYourVoice

About Rostrum

Our regular meetings give you the opportunity to practice and improve your speaking skills. Accredited coaches give you constructive feedback and teach you how to stand up, be yourself and hold a crowd.

Where we meet

Rostrum Foothills Public Speaking Club meets fortnightly on Wednesday evenings at the Gosnells Hotel, 2149 Albany Highway, Gosnells
(meet us in the bottom function room located closest to the traffic lights on Albany Highway.). Meetings start at 6:30pm and finish around 8:00pm. You will be made to feel welcome!

How we help

At Rostrum Foothills Public Speaking Club our members are extremely welcoming and down to earth. With the guidance of our accredited coaches you will learn how to:

  • NChair meetings

    Ever dreaded sitting in the head chair? We will teach you the art of becoming a better chairman. 

  • NGain confidence

    Hate speaking to an audience? No worries, we help gain the confidence you need to become a world class speaker.

  • N Improve speech clarity

    Whether its mumbling, speaking to fast or people just dont understand you, we can help. Some of our steps to overcome these issues include; reading aloud, tongue twisters, timed speeches.

  • NMake presentations

    Need help with a presentation? Our meetings give you a safe audience to practise until you’ve perfected it! 

  • NGain socials skills

    Mental heath is big issue! Joining our club we will help you gain the social skills to assist in day to day life like overcoming anxiety, whilst making new friends along the way!

  • NImprove interview skills

    Do you fear interviews? With our guidance you’ll learn how to stay calm under pressure and land that dream job.

How do I actually learn public speaking?


The way to gain confidence and learn the skills of speaking to groups of people is through practice with expert feedback. In a Rostrum Speaking Club this is done in a supportive and fun environment in a group of like minded people. Members develop their skill and gain confidence by accepting the challenge to take part in the various exercises. At the end of each meeting each person who spoke receives positive and constructive feedback from a person who is trained in the skills of analysis and evaluation. It is from this feedback that you will really hone your skills.

What happens at a Rostrum meeting?


Each meeting is chaired by a different, experienced club member. A range of speaking exercises are rostered with a notice period of around two weeks. Rostrum clubs vary in the program they offer but they all follow a general pattern.


There are usually some prepared speeches of varying durations on a set topic as well as other speaking exercises such as asking a pertinent question, reading aloud, situational speeches, moving a motion in a meeting, responding to questions, and many other exercises. Some clubs have the same exercises at each meeting and other clubs change the program weekly.

What does Rostrum cost?


Each club is different. The standard Rostrum Clubs of WA Membership is $150 for Metro members or $110 Country members. Clubs may elect to collect additional meeting fees during registration. An initial joining fee of $100 is applied to all new memberships.

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